Welcome to An Imagined Life; my imagined life.

I’ve been meaning to depart from the food-blogging world (where I formally blogged) for a while as life has become richer and busier.  And I wanted to focus on the life that is mine, and that I love; what I have and what I am grateful for.  So this is what I’ll chat about; my family, knitting, home-making and just general meanderings.


I’m a stay at home mum to a toddler (my son, little T) and a baby (my daughter, baby A).

I love chocolate, and wine.  And tea.  And toast with marmalade.

I have 3 degrees, none of which I am currently using.

I have a love-hate relationship with clutter;  I love things to feel homely and cosy but also find decluttering so therapeutic.  Where is that fine line?

I love budgeting.

I am rubbish at keeping to a budget.

I love baby wearing and have far too many slings.

Despite being ridiculously short I love and only wear flat shoes, particularly brown flat shoes.

Importantly, I’m welsh.

My current aim is to inject more colour and craftiness into our home.



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