I’ve been thinking about this here blog recently.  My aim is to keep it ambling along until I have more time and focus for it.  When it comes to content I’ve been deliberating about how much of my family to include.  Honestly, it feels unnatural to keep things on the more anonymous side since I am an over-sharer by nature.  I have many interests so wouldn’t want to make the blog specifically about one thing alone.  I’m too fickle, ha.  Thus I’m just going to make this blog more of a record of family and life (including knitting – obvs – crotchet, food etc).

Ok, enough with the boring bits.


Summer this far has been pretty tame, so we’ve spent more time indoors playing.  Oh, and life seems to revolve around trying to get A. established on solids.  Goodness me she’s picky!  Don’t let that photo fool you.  Timing, mood, hunger level, alertness, the food; they all have to be just right in order for her to partake.  I am not enjoying the weaning experience this time around.

Since it’s taken me forever to figure out how to locate my photos to upload, I’m going to scoot off to squeeze some crotchet action and reading in before bed.  Sleep; you are still an elusive friend.


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