Hello there!

Goodness me, that was a long and unscheduled break!  There is no good reason.  I could blame long-term and severe sleep deprivation, or my terrible organisational and prioritising skills but I sharen’t.  All I will say is that I have missed this space, and I’m glad to be back.

So much has happened since May; where to start!

In crafty news…


I finished my shawl for the make-a-long (pretty much, anyway).  I need to darn in the ends and block it still.  Once that’s done I’ll get on to the ta-dah post.

I’ve discovered the joy of crotchet!  I’ve had a whirl making granny squares and I’ve now started a cosy blanket using Lucy from Attic24’s patternIMG_0800

It’s so therapeutic to make.  And I can zone out and let my mind wander to all sorts of wonderful and practical things without it being detrimental to the blanket.  Furthermore, it fits my stripes obsession perfectly, and all those glorious colours…

Also, I’ve signed up to a curtain making course in July as I am determined to make curtains primarily for our living room and bedroom at some point soon.  Which leads to family stuff…

Baby A, at 7 months (which, I know, is still young) remains mostly loyal to moi for milk.  I weaned little T off the breast at 6ish months with ease.  He didn’t care where food or milk was coming from, as long as he was getting it.  Baby A on the other hand is more discerning, or picky.  Don’t get me wrong, breastfeeding is much easier and less time-consuming at this point.  And part of me really loves it.  However, baby A is still entirely unpredictable as to when she’ll wake up in the evening and night and usually wakes up twice on average (very rarely once, and more often 3+ times).  My curtain-making course is a whole day event, and we have a wedding in August that the husband and I are going away for the night for and leaving the littles with my parents.  How can I attend these things when baby A is still so dependent on me.  She will take a bottle in the middle of the day, as long as she’s not too tired and little T is distracting her whilst she’s drinking.  I’m toying with weaning her off but I’d rather not for the sake of 2 events.  Le sigh.  What to do…

I could ramble on for much longer, but I shall spare you and leave it at that.  Happy Monday!


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