Domestic Excitement

I wasn’t going to pop by tonight as I’m desperate to get on with my shawl for the CFTC makealong but then I felt the urge to ramble on to someone about my exciting day.  Note: my exciting is probably very different to what one may usually think of as exciting.  I think I’m just going to carry on in list form as I’m too tired to make sentences and paragraphs flow seemlessly from one to another.

1. Our camera has arrived, woo woo!  I must confess it is very good.

2.  We’ve had hang- your-washing-out weather!  Love it.


Which has also meant that little T. can play outside.


3.  We’ve had a new addition to our dining room (squeal).  Our home is a small victorian house that lacks storage space so I’m forever trying to find ways to maximise what we have and make our house feel more homely.  Our dining room is a walk-through room to get to the kitchen thus often feels like a dumping ground/play room/dining room.  I’ve been wanting a sideboard of some sort in there for a while but there’s not the space.  Until we found this…


…It’s a repurposed media unit that’s had a new lease of life.  And it fits perfectly under my favourite painting!  So happy.

4.  Knitting time.


We’ve switched up our routine so that we all have dinner together at 6 when the husband gets home from work (T. and I used to wait until the kids had gone to bed).  This means I have an entire evening to play with!  A whole evening.  Amazing.  And with that, I am off to do some more knitting, woo woo!  (As an aside, the above photo was taken during naptime knitting.  I try to scoot around tidying up at the end of each day).

Right, know I’m defo off.


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