Fridays and flowers

It’s been a great end to what has felt like a long week, despite us having had the bank holiday Monday.  I blame sleep deprivation.  I was so ready for Friday to come.  Friday is little T.’s nursery day which means that baby A. and I get some girly time together and I get to take my day at a slightly slower pace.  Although I did have a rather long to-do list, which was still rather long by the end of the day. The day started well with baby A. treating me to a 2 hour nap!  It was glorious.  I sat and knitted the whole time.

IMG_4019 Even better was that I’ve finally got to the stripy section of my shawl! Stripes make me so happy. IMG_4020 IMG_4027 When she woke up we had some lunch together… (well, I ate lunch whilst she gnawed away at her muslin…)  before heading out down our local high street so I could buy a few bits and pieces; including some fresh flowers for our living room and kitchen.  There’s a new fresh flowers van so I had to check it out.  The choice wasn’t the best but I think I did ok… IMG_4035 I love that portmeirion vase (I have the matching teapot and sugar bowl too). IMG_4038And these brighten the time I spend washing up no end.

For baby A’s final nap before collecting little T. from nursery I thought I should probably be sensible and remind myself about the logistics of weaning A. onto solids.  Not without a cup of tea, in my favourite mug.  I think all hot drinks should be drunk out of large mugs, especially Cath Kitson mugs. IMG_4046 It’s only been a little over 18 months that I weaned T. but my memory is failing me.  Tomorrow is the big day for baby A.  She’s showing all the signs of being ready, she’s just shy of 6 months and this mama needs the sleeping to improve!  I had been dreading weaning but now I feel rather excited by it. Before I knew it it was time to pick little T. up from nursery.

Now evening is upon us.  Thus I am off to have some quality sofa time, in my PJs, with my knitting needles and a couple of balls of yarn (yay for stripyness). Hope you guys have a great weekend.


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