Blanket Dilemma

My friend’s due to have her second baby in a few weeks time so I decided I would knit the baby a blanket as a gift.  She doesn’t know what she’s having yet so I’ve found some gender neutral colours without being too boring (ahem).


I found a great pattern for a chevron blanket that is straight forward, or so I thought. I have restarted it at least 7 times due to silly errors.  And I don’t yet have the skills to correct mistakes during the knitting process.  Despite the pattern and stitches being pretty basic, I can’t seem to get very far without losing a stitch here or there (usually from missing a yarn over) then I realise too late when the chevrons are already wonky.


Above is the furthest I’ve got without the chevrons being massively wonky.  What does one do in this situation? I’m not a quitter but I’m tempted to give up. However, I’ve bought the yarn especially for it.  It’s a lovely cotton mix yarn by rico.  And I really like the chevron blanket design. I guess I could do a straight forward striped blanket but it’s not quite the same. Maybe I should design my own blanket (pah!).  I must confess, I am rushing it a bit.  Not only because the baby is due in a few weeks time, but also because I want to join in on a knit-a-long that commences soon (I’ll blog about that shortly).


5 thoughts on “Blanket Dilemma

  1. I made the chevron baby blanket…it is pretty straightforward, but if you don’t pay attention (as I did not at some points) you can get lost and miss the increases and decreases…it can be very frustrating. Don’t give up!


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